Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing in Wisconsin

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Metal roofing can provide an attractive, modern, and low-maintenance upgrade to homes and commercial buildings. When considering installing metal roofs in Wisconsin for your home or business, there are a variety of metal roofing types to choose from, and each type delivers a different aesthetic appeal.

While the benefits of a metal roof include aesthetic improvement, reduced maintenance, and better weather management compared to traditional shingle or tile roofs, some metal roofing materials are cost-prohibitive and require highly skilled installation from qualified roofing technicians.

If you’re a Wisconsonian looking for a roof replacement, metal roofing would be an excellent choice!

Different Types of Metal Roofs

There are three different types of metal roofing materials, and each option offers specific advantages and design nuances. Hidden fastener roofing (often called standing seam roofing) is an attractive, but sometimes expensive, option. Exposed fastener offers a happy medium between installation cost and maintenance requirements, and stamped metal roofing offers endless design opportunities.

Standing Seam/Hidden Fastener Roofing

Hidden fastener roofing, also known as standing seam roofing, is a type of metal roofing that features zero exposed screws on the roof’s surface. Standing seams protect the screws from the elements, preventing leaks and malfunctions.

Since the screws are effectively hidden—both from view and the weather—standing seam metal roofing is the lowest-maintenance metal roof on the market. This can be an attractive quality for both commercial buildings and high-end residential projects, where maintenance costs are likely already high.

But, standing seam metal roofing is a specialty product and requires installation by a highly skilled craftsperson. The need for specialty installation can increase labor costs associated with roof replacement, so standing seam metal roofing may be cost-prohibitive for some.

Exposed Fastener Roofing

In exposed fastener roofing systems, fasteners are visible to the naked eye. But, despite the fastening equipment being exposed, the fasteners are secured with specially-made washers to prevent leaks and ensure sufficient sealing.

But, since the fasteners are exposed, exposed fastener roofing can require occasional maintenance, unlike stand seam roofs. But, it’s also easier to install, reducing the cost of labor during the installation process. Exposed fastener roofing’s affordability and attractiveness make them an excellent option for residential projects and small commercial projects.

Stamped Metal Roofing

Stamped metal roofing, sometimes called stamped panel roofing, offers an aesthetic similarity to traditional asphalt shingle roofs and tiled roofs with the durability and low maintenance of metal roofing products.

Stamped metal panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, if you’re looking to add coastal flair to your home, you can install shaker-style stamped metal panels. For a more Mediterranean design, consider stamped metal panels that resemble terra cotta barrel tiles. Stamped metal roofing panels can also mimic the rustic appearance of slate tile roofing.

If you like a traditional shingled roof but want to reap the benefits of a metal roof, consider stamped metal roofing for your roof replacement project.

Now you’ve been through the options, get in touch with us so we can have a chat about your roofing needs and provide a free quote!

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

While metal roofing provides a variety of advantages, homeowners and business owners should consider the drawbacks of metal roofing systems before committing to a new metal roof.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

  • Some advantages of metal roofing include
  • Enhanced durability
  • Low maintenance
  • A variety of aesthetic options
  • Environmentally friendly materials
    – Shingles are often made from recycled aluminum
    – Aluminum shingles can be recycled if a roof is demolished or replaced, but asphalt shingles aren’t recyclable.

While asphalt shingle roofs are subject to shingle loss in inclement weather, metal panels (stamped or otherwise) are interlocked, preventing them from blowing away during high winds or storms.

The only maintenance that homeowners or business owners need to perform on their metal roofs themselves is cleaning (clearing leaves, sticks, moss, and debris off of the roof as needed). A professional inspection to check the fasteners, panel seams, flashing, and sealant only needs to be completed once every two years.

Metal roofs can be tailored to fit a variety of home styles, and the colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns available offer a perfect choice for any home design.

Metal roofs are the most environmentally friendly roofing option on the market, and in a world where every environmentally conscious choice counts, the sustainability of this option is a huge selling point.

With so many benefits of metal roofing systems, it’s hard to go wrong when selecting one for your roof replacement.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

However, there are some drawbacks to metal roofing systems.

  • They’re generally more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roofs.
  • Some metal roofs require highly skilled technician installation.

Metal roofing, on average, costs about 40%-120% more than shingle roofing. This price can be cost-prohibitive for some customers, but the longevity and durability provided by metal roofing could justify the cost.

Standing seam roofing, in particular, must be installed correctly by a trained, experienced roofing professional in order to remain weatherproof and durable. This can increase labor costs during installation.

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Metal Roofing in Wisconsin

Metal roofing is an excellent material choice in Wisconsin for both commercial and residential projects. Since metal roofing is available in so many different styles and colors, it can complement any home design. Whether you’re in a craftsman, a ranch house, or a cabin-style home, a metal roof can complement your home’s exterior theme.

Metal roofing is a particularly good choice in Wisconsin because of its versatility in both cold and warm weather. While ice and snow will slide right off of metal roofs, some roofing systems feature heating lines that melt ice and snow before it runs off the roof, preventing damages to cars, landscaping, and passersby in the winter months.

Thinking of Installing Metal Roofing?

If you’re thinking of installing metal roofing, consider the advantages and disadvantages of a metal roofing system. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and replace your roof with a metal system, consider the three different kinds of metal roofing systems (standing seam, exposed fastener, and stamped panel) and consult a local roofing contractor to determine which system is right for you.

It’s hard to go wrong with any metal roof option. Get ready for peak durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability!

And, if you’re undecided about which metal roofing material is right for you, give Prairie Exteriors a call!

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